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Staining Costs

Materials: a typical container of stain may cost approximately $70 (before tax, 350 square foot coverage, single coat).

For information about labour pricing, see "overseeding costs". I use the same pricing strategy for outdoor staining. For information about delivery pricing, see "landscape renovation costs." 

Overhead (advertising, gas, miscellaneous materials, and vehicle expenses) - varies based on the square footage and the number of days required to complete the job. For reference, overhead for a typical job which would take 2 days (pressure wash on day 1, sanding and staining on day 2), on a 1,000 square foot (floor boards, and all exposed posts, boards, and surfaces) deck would cost $236

If you'd like to request a quote for deck or fence staining in Toronto or the surrounding Greater Toronto Area, contact - 

416 455 0575

David Brodsky 


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