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Landscape Renovation Costs

Materials (mulch, groundcover stone, and landscaping fabric and accesories) and delivery.  

For costs associated with plants, fertiliser(s), labour, overhead, and disposal see "planting costs" and "overseeding costs".

Mulch - a 42.5L bag at Home Depot costs $5.60 (all material prices are before HST is added on). Calculate your square footage that needs to be covered, and for aesthetic purposes, 2 inches of height will generally be sufficient to cover your landscape with mulch. Use a mulch calculator like to determine the quantity required for your project. For labour and disposal calculation, see "overseeding costs". 

Groundcover stone - a typical bag of river rock (18kg) costs $9 at Home Depot. Unfortunately, they don't sell bagged river rock by volume like mulch, making it difficult to accurately determine the quantity required for a job. If you purchase river rock by the yard from Home Depot, you can use a calculator like this to determine the necessary volume needed for your job and then just have more of it delivered than required. 


Landscaping fabric and accessories - a standard roll of low quality landscaping fabric at Home Depot will cost $15 for 150 square feet. Determine the amount of coverage you need (your square footage) for your project. It's best held in place with landscaping pins (not spikes), which are exclusively sold at Canadian Tire ($4 for 25) The amount of pins necessary for your project is hard to estimate, but 4 for every 20 square feet is probably a good start. 

Delivery - delivery costs are in terms of labour and gas. The estimated amount of time required to go to all required stores to pick up all products and the number of commutes required to get everything to your site is the number of hours of labour multipled by $40 (hourly rate). Gas costs at $8/hr of driving are added to that to form a final delivery cost that would be found on a quote

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