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Ontario Policy on Farming and Herbicide Usage

Updated: Oct 2

Ontario Policy on Farming and Herbicide Usage

In the past, I have heard from homeowners that they are concerned about using RoundUp because of its carcinogenic properties. Thought it might be interesting to point out a few things about this herbicide and its main ingredient Glyphosate as they do find themselves in our food.

A search of this document will show that there are four RoundUp tolerant crops being grown in Ontario (Corn, Soybean, Canola, and Sugar Beet). There are only 1-2 hits for Sugar Beet and Canola but this document makes it fairly clear that spraying Corn and Soybean with the chemical is common practice. Seeing as RoundUp and far worse chemicals find themselves in our food, having a controlled spray of the weed killer in your garden beds is likely not going to be the cause of any ill health effects to you in the future.

Other information to add: prevalence of other chemicals in our food besides RoundUp

corn is sprayed with the herbicide ingredient Glyphosate in Ontario

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