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Housekeeping Costs

Labour is $30/hr/labourer. A job that I estimate, which could take 10 hours would have an attached labour cost of $300. For example, I may hire an employee to help me, and the two of us, working one day, can put in 5 hours on site for a total of 10 hours and complete the job in one visit. If a job is completed in fewer hours, as is usually the case (because we try to work quickly), I still bill the quoted amount for labour. 

Overhead (advertising, gas, cleaning supplies, and vehicle expenses) - varies based on the number of rooms requiring cleaning and length of the job. For reference, overhead for a typical job which would take 1 visit, and 4 hr (2 cleaners), for a house with a living room, kitchen, 2 bed, 2 bath (includes hallways and stairs) would have an attached overhead cost of $82. 

If you'd like to request a home or business visit and quote, contact - 

416 455 0575

David Brodsky 


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