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Installing plants (perennials, shrubs, small trees, vegetables)

Materials: plants (for yard waste bags and labour see "overseeding") and fertiliser 

Plants - vegetation prices can vary due to plant type (perennials are cheaper than shrubs, which are cheaper than trees), cultivar (two different types of the same species of shrub can have vastly different prices attached), season (spring prices are higher than fall's, and by late fall everyone is trying to get rid of their inventory and selling whatever they can at a lower price), and garden center (different locations cater to different locales of the city, so in Scarborough and Etobicoke, plants are going to cost less than near Yonge and Eglinton. Your plant costs will also be defined by the design you wish to have in your garden bed.

Fertiliser - a typical, useful (15-30-15 for example) fertiliser at Home Depot may cost $17 and weigh 1,500 grams. A tablespoon (15 grams) of fertiliser is needed for a plant that has recently been installed, so fertiliser cost per plant is about $0.20 in the first month after installation

To request a property walkthrough & quote - 

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David Brodsky 

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