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Snow Removal and Deicing Costs

Materials: a bag of rock salt costs $7.50 (20 kg, before taxes, with a minimum application rate of $0.40/kg/100 square feet of concrete/asphalt/interlock). 

Labour: prices are quoted (flat rate) upon arrival at the site (not over the phone unless service was previously rendered or quoted at that property). However, labour ranges from $35-65/hr/labourer depending on the number of hours of work required at the property (longer jobs are billed with a reduced labour rate).The number of hours required is estimated based on how long it would take to do the job with shovels and picks.  

Overhead: cost of overhead ranges from $10-30 at residential properties, depending on the amount of snowfall experienced, the size of the property, and significance of the presence of ice at that moment (smaller overhead for faster jobs).


Service is "per push" and I am available to work at select times Fri-Sun (whenever I don't have other work). Snowfall events happening Mon-Wednesday should be dealt with through a different service.    

If you'd like to request a quote before, during, or after a snow fall event, contact - 

416 455 0575

David Brodsky 


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