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Article review - Mover Scams from the CAM

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

This blog article is written in response to, which discusses moving scammers in Toronto.

The Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) accepts and attempts to resolve complaints against members of CAM. It's nice to have an agency that provides oversight for moving jobs. So, that's a big benefit of hiring through CAM members.

They reference multiple police investigations ( In this case, movers produced a contract estimate, loaded goods into their truck, then presented clients with a new contract with no final bill. Afterwards, clients were called and told that they were to pay thousands of dollars above the estimated price, and that the consequence of not doing so would be the sale and disposal of the goods loaded in the trucks. Interesting case, I wonder how one would avoid dealing with such scum.

It appears that this is the trend for moving scams. The author notes that "not every move that has a price differential from the estimate to the final bill constitutes fraud. Please read your moving contract, discuss your concerns and try and find a resolution with your mover first before contacting CAM or the police."

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