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p100 respirators in painting and staining

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

p100 respirators are (in my opinion) an essential tool for any painter. Sanding activity can sometimes produce large amounts of dust, which is toxic to breathe. Pressure-treated decking may contain arsenic (,carried%20deep%20into%20the%20wood), which you probably don't want to be breathing while you sand the deck before staining. Sanding drywall presents the risk of exposure to the dust of whatever chemicals are in the surface that you're sanding (paint, drywall mud, primer, patching compound, etc). In both cases, a well-fitted (Google negative and positive pressure tests for p100 respirators, they only take a second to do and you don't need any additional tools besides your hands) p100 respirator provides a good level of protection against airborne dusts.

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